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 As the largest luxury-only vacation home exchange, Exclusive Exchanges has twice been featured as the home exchange to join for luxury homeowners on NBC's 'Today Show', as well as in various news  and online media. If you have a luxury home, second or even third home to trade and love home swap, you'll love home exchange with us!

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September, 2014: Wall Street Journal Mansion: Mansion Swap: Luxury Vacationers Are Trading Places

Luxury home swappers say mansion exchanges save them money and give them the experience of staying in otherwise inaccessible homes.

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Financial Times-The Housing Stock Exchange

I think something interesting is happening in the housing market-I refer to the rise of home exchanges, and in particular there growing popularity among the wealthy. 
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New York Magazine: Trade You!

Want a free week in a villa or on a ranch? Turns out Tuscans and Texans want your apartment, too. 
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EcoSalon: House Swapping: The Cheap Route To Ritzy Travel

How 'bout a swap meet? No, not the kind where you buy second-hand junk from a vendor and homemade tamales from a truck but the kind where you connect with someone who lives somewhere you want to go (like a villa in Cabo San Lucas) and you exchange your digs. Now, that's a romantic way to meet, if you ask me. View Article »

MSN Travel: Stay Abroad For Free

Discover how adventurous but impoverished holidaymakers are plumping for breaks where accommodation, at the very least, comes free.
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Peter Greenberg Travel-Save On Travel With Home Exchange Programs

Home exchange, also known as home swapping, has become increasingly popular over the last few years. 
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To view a major motion picture about vacation house swap, see “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

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Vacation home exchange is one of the hottest new vacationing trends, and the high net-worth traveler is not blind to its' attractions. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to rent luxury properties, Exclusive Exchanges members are able to leverage their assets for free lodgings and virtually unlimited travel.

Downloading Images: Exclusive Exchanges Digital Image Library contains ready-to-use images for print media. To gain access to the library, and/or to interview the owner of Exclusive Exchanges, please contact Rob Goodyear @ 214.393.2842 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Luxury-home swappers say mansion exchanges save them money and give them the experience of staying in otherwise inaccessible homes.